Mediterranean authenticity and untouched nature are advantages that Peljesac offers its guests.

Trpanj's county along with everything previously mentioned, offers beatiful, mainly gravel beaches, that are visited even by tourists from other tourist places on the peninsula.

On every beach you can can linger on the sun or in the shade of pine tres, palm-trees, tamarisks and other mediterranean plants.

Due to its favourable geographic position it has mild climate during whole year, when a hot, moderate, summer, afternoons sea breze (mistral) freshes you.



Immediately in front of hotel 'Faraon' there is a gravel beach Pozora. As it has a shallow and natural shade, it is appropriate for children. There you can rent various equipment or freshen in the bar.


Luka is on the east entrance of Trpanj, in the same bay. It also has a gravel beach with natural shade, shallow and a bar to freshen up.


Divna is located 10 km. from Trpanj in the direction of Duba. This beach is sandy to gravel, and its beauty and contrast of blue sea and green nature is already described in it's name meaning gorgeous. The gravel makes this beach appropriate for children too. Right next to the beach there is a camp with a beach bar.


One more destination that is worth of visiting is this small fishery village, 13 km. from Trpanj, with a beatiful gravel beach in the harbour. This beach is also suitable for children, and there is a beach bar as well.


Jezero is a lagoon 1 km. from the village Duba with a gravel/sandy beach. As it is not accessible from the land, this is a perfect spot to experience true nature if going by boat.

The beauty of this beach is even more emphasized by the lake surrounding the beach from the land and with a small brook passing the white gravel and pouring into the sea.

Apart from the above mentioned beaches there are also many other beaches as well as nudist beach and lagoons waiting to be discovered by you.
Although your holiday may be short, memories you will take with you will be everlasting.

Tourist board of Trpanj

   Žalo 7, 20250 Trpanj