The smallest village in the Trpanj's district. Placed at the foot of the highest mountain on the peninsula- St. Elijas (961) and 13 km from Trpanj.
Excursion or stay in Duba means experiencing true Dalmatian fishery and agricultural place.
As the most inhabitants, as late as 19-th and 20-th century, went to USA in search for better life, they come back to Duba to relax and enjoy in peace and beauties of gentle mediterranean surroundings.
Therefore, even today, Duba is not spoiled by commercial tourism.
In case you decide to spend your holiday in Duba, tourist services will be provided to you by some of families that rent apartments near sea an fish harbour or near some other gravel beach.
The spirit of history can be felt in traditional mediterranean arhitecture of the houses, several old churches and chaples as well as in antique walls that show the continuity of population of this area.
If you stay in Duba, or if you go only for a visit you should inevitably visit the nearby beach Jezero (lake)-gravel shoal splashed by the waves from one side and from the other by a lake (dividing it from the hills of the mount St. Elijas).
The water of the lake pours into the sea from a brook. As the lake is not accessible by car you are guaranteed to enjoy in peace and nature.

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